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How to Activate Facebook Video Calling

facebook video calling

Facebook recently introduced Video Calling in collaboration with Skype. This was a much awaited feature. Now you can video call any of your friend inside Facebook itself without going anywhere else. And everything […]

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How to Blog on Facebook

facebook + Blogging

If you spend a lot of time on Facebook and you also love blogging. But the problem is writing blogs take time and you love Facebook so much that can’t […]

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Facebook Now Sending Email Notifications for Likes on Wall Posts

facebook like notification email

I recently got an email notification from Facebook for a like on my recent wall post. And this is the first time I am getting any such notification. This must be a […]

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Change the Default Facebook Chat Pop-Up Sound

facebook chat

Facebook chat alerts you with a notification sound whenever anyone pings you while you are away from chat. If you don’t like the default sound, now you could change that with […]

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Access Facebook on Non GPRS/3G Mobile Phones for Free in India


Airtel subscribers in India can now access Facebook on their mobile phones without any GPRS or 3G data plans. The service is based on Fonetwish which was developed by U2opia […]

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How to Protect Yourself from Spams on Facebook

Facebook Spam

Spams these days are going viral on Facebook. There must be no single user of this giant social network who would not have been a prey of it.  These spams are […]

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How to Stop Getting Facebook Emails

facebook account settings

Facebook sends a notification email for almost all of our account activities. This becomes very annoying as we sometimes get more than a dozen emails in a day. Some of […]

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How to Recover/Restore Hacked Facebook Account

facebook security

Hacking of Facebook Account is a hot topic these days. We often get to hear from friends and colleagues about someone’s Facebook account being hacked. I myself have been approached […]

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Update Facebook Status via Any Fancy Device Without Actually Having One

Recently I got into a friends prank where he falsely updated a status on his wall claiming it to be by an iPad. The status was looking damn original as […]