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10 Awesome WordPress Tips for Efficiently Managing Google Adsense Ads

Money Bag

Google Adsense is the best Website monitization program on the internet. It provides with the best Ads which attracts visitors to click on them hence it provides best CTR (Click […]

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Display Adsense Ads only on Posts older than 3 days [How To]

If you want to hide Ads from the regular readers who visit your blog on a daily basis to read the fresh content, you can apply this trick to show […]

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Display Multiple Authors in Author Box Below Article [WordPress]

WordPress Author Box

Earlier I wrote a post on Adding About the Author Box Below each Post in WordPress. Yesterday I got a comment on this post: By Bret Hello Namit, thank you […]

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6 Killer Tips to Increase Pageviews of your WordPress Blog

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Pageviews are the total number of pages visitors of your blog browse through when they are on your website. Page views are directly proportional to the profit you can make from […]

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How to Manually Insert Adsense Ads Inside Post Content in WordPress

If you want to display Adsense ads inside post content in your WordPress blog there are numerous plugins available out there which will automatically do the same for you. But if you do not […]

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How not to Display Ads to the Logged-in User [WordPress]

WordPress Widgets

When I write a post, I have a bad habit of previewing it multiple times before publishing, this results in multiple reloading of my blog page and these page contains Google Adsense […]

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How I Restored TheitechBlog After it Got Hacked


TheitechBlog was hacked recently, but soon I discovered the problem and restored the blog within few hours. I was in a great dismay when on 24th July morning at around […]

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Fix ‘Allowed Memory Size Exhausted’ Error in WordPress

“Allowed Memory Size Exhausted” is a problem faced by WordPress users. I suffered a lot due to it. Each time I logged-in in the dashboard, I had this error. There […]

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Adding About the Author Box Below each Post in WordPress


Whenever a reader likes any article he looks for the author, to know more about him, to connect with him/her. About the Author Box below the post is the best place to display some information about the author. Especially in a multi-author blog each author should get proper credits for his/her post(s).