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How to Properly Display Images in RSS Feeds


You insert images in your posts to make your posts more interactive and appealing. To make images inline with text you use css styles (left, right, center). These styles sometimes doesn’t […]

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WP-Snippets: Get Quick WordPress Code Snippets

WordPress Logo

WP-Snippets is a website dedicated to provide Small WordPress Code Snippets. It’s a newly formed website with a good collection of WordPress code snippets. It is inspired by WP Recipes, CSS-Tricks and Iconfinder. The […]

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How to Create and Manage Various XML Sitemaps for WordPress Blog

Google XML Sitemap WordPress Plugin Snapshot

XML Sitemap is a plain text file that list links to all the pages of your website, it’s like a map of your whole website. This file is created to […]

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Automatically Insert a Feed Subscription Note at the Bottom of each WordPress Post


Total number of Feed Subscribers/Readers tells about how much popular a particular blog is. If a blog has large number of feed readers means more people like the blog and they enjoy reading […]

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Turn your Blog Commenters into RSS Feed Subscribers [WordPress]

Turn your Blog Commenters into RSS Feed Subscribers

Commenters can be easily turned into RSS feed subscribers because these are the people who commented on your post because they liked it. There might be some who regularly visit your […]

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How to Properly Display Code Snippets Inside a WordPress Post

Inserting Code Inside WordPress Post

Displaying code snippets are essential for programming blogs and other related blogs. But its a little tricky thing, because WordPress parses each and every character and symbols in the post and […]

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How to Allow Some Anonymous User to Preview an Unpublished Post [WordPress]

Public Preview WordPress Plugin

If you need someone to proofread your post before publishing, this can only be possible if the other person has an user account with required permissions to preview the post. But what […]

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Article Syndication and Duplicate Content Issues

Article Syndication

Google treats Duplicate Content seriously. Many websites deliberately duplicate content to manipulate search engine rankings or to gain more traffic, but Google is clever, it keeps a check on all […]

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How to Easily Subscribe to Category or Tag RSS Feed of any WordPress Blog

feed logo

To get regular updates about the new content on blog you subscribe to its RSS feed. But what if you only want to get updates of a particular category or […]