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Manage Multiple Virtual Desktops on a Single Windows Machine

microsoft desktops

Microsoft Desktops is a software utility developed by Sysinternals team at Microsoft. It lets you organize your running applications on to four different virtual desktops. Read emails on one desktop, browser internet […]

27.12.2010 in Software by Namit Gupta 1

Soluto – Make Windows Computer Boot Faster

the problem slow boot

As your computer gets older it gets slower and takes a longer time to boot thus making you more and more frustrated each time you start turn it on. Why […]

08.12.2010 in Internet by Namit Gupta 6

Quickly Block/Unblock Websites on Windows Computer


Note: This tool has some bugs in it. We no further recommend that you use it. And that’s why we have also disabled the ‘letmework.zip’ download link on this page. […]

03.10.2010 in Software by Namit Gupta 10

Password Protect Files & Folders in Windows Without Using Any Software

protecting files and folders

Protecting of private files becomes a necessity when the Computer is shared by more than one person. And I am sure that everyone has some or the other data which […]

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Windows 7 GodMode


Windows Enthusiasts will surely love this trick, the trick allows to access all Operating System’s Control Panel from a single folder. By creating a new folder in Windows 7 and […]

01.12.2009 in Software by Namit Gupta 1

Windows Users – Now Copy and Move Files at the Maximum Possible Speed


TeraCopy, a Windows application, is a compact program designed to copy and move files inside windows at the maximum possible speed. It provides a lot of addition features than the default […]

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Fishbowl brings Facebook to your desktop

Experience your Facebook content in new ways with a desktop client application that lets you personalize how you read your newsfeed, update status, comment, like, browse and upload photos.

29.10.2009 in Software by Namit Gupta 1

Ninite – Easy Automatic Software Installer for Windows and Linux


Update: Ninite is now always available for Linux Operating System. Do you get bore in installing applications after a fresh new install of Windows Operating System? If Yes, then “Ninite” […]

18.10.2009 in Software by Namit Gupta 0

Cairo – Windows Shell Alternative


Cairo is a free closed source Software, which is an alternative to windows shell, A shell is an environment for your computer that allows you to browse files, launch applications, […]