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New to Windows 8? Check Out These Excellent Video Tutorials to Get Started


Windows 8 is different from previous versions and it does involve a little learning curve (for example, the Start Screen replaces the Start button.) And there’s the new Windows 8 […]

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Download Windows 8 Free Trial – Evaluate the New OS before Making the Switch


Windows 8 comes in two versions – Standard and Pro. Microsoft doesn’t offer a trial version of either of these, but if you are willing to experiment with the new […]

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Add the Good Old Start Menu Button to Windows 8


For the first time since Windows 95, the Start button is no longer present on the taskbar of the Windows Operating System. And this is the case with the new Windows […]

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Remove Evaluation Copy Desktop Watermark from Windows 8 Consumer Preview


Users who have downloaded and installed Windows 8 must have noticed a small watermark at the bottom right corner of their desktop saying, “Windows 8 Consumer Preview Evaluation Copy. Build […]

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Serial Key and Download Link


Windows 8 is excellent and innovative. I have been using it since few days now, and loving all its new features. If you haven’t installed it on your computer, you can download […]