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How to Recover/Restore Hacked Facebook Account

facebook security

Hacking of Facebook Account is a hot topic these days. We often get to hear from friends and colleagues about someone’s Facebook account being hacked. I myself have been approached […]

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How to Retrieve Lost Windows Password

windows password

With so many user accounts both offline and online you need to remember a lot of passwords so there are easy chances of blanking out any of them. Forgetting your windows password […]

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Best Way to Securely Share your Email id on Internet

scr im

Scr.im lets you share your email id securely anywhere on Internet. Email id is one’s identity on internet, it’s the address where people can be reached and contacted. There are many occasions where […]

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Password Protect Files & Folders in Windows Without Using Any Software

protecting files and folders

Protecting of private files becomes a necessity when the Computer is shared by more than one person. And I am sure that everyone has some or the other data which […]

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How I Restored TheitechBlog After it Got Hacked


TheitechBlog was hacked recently, but soon I discovered the problem and restored the blog within few hours. I was in a great dismay when on 24th July morning at around […]

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Use Security Keys to make WordPress more Secure


WordPress is a free open source blog publishing platform which can also be used for content management. The biggest problem with open source applications is that they are vulnerable to […]