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Get WordPress Update Notifications on your Email

update notifications wordpress

WordPress update notifications are important and should be applied as soon as they are released by the company. More importantly because they fix out security flaws which may led to […]

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How to Hide Photos on Facebook


Privacy is utmost important for everyone today. And especially with photos, no one wants his or her private photos to be accessible by any unknown person. Facebook is a huge […]

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Easiest Way to Block Adult Websites on your Home Computer – No Software Required

If you want to protect your children from accessing adult, malware and phishing sites on your home computer, then this must be the easiest way to perform such blocking. You’ll […]

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Kaspersky ONE – Best Antivirus Solution to Protect all your Digital Devices


In today’s world, almost everyone of us use multiple digital devices. Lets consider the most basic example – a desktop computer Windows or Mac, and a smartphone. Most of us […]

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Best Way to Password Protect and Encrypt Files / Folders in Windows


Sometimes we need to password protect some confidential or personal files on our computer. And especially when the computer is shared by more than a single users. Unfortunately Windows does […]

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Ways to Lock Photos, Videos and Apps on your Android Phone using a Password

lock android

Android by default does not provide any option to lock photos, videos or installed applications. But you can add this functionality to your android phone by installing some privacy protection […]

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Serious Security Loophole Discovered in DropBox Authentication Design


We all know about the recent Dropbox bug which allowed users to login without correct password within the 4 hours period before the Dropbox team actually discovered the bug and […]

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Password Protect your Google Chrome Browser


Password Protect your Chrome Browser to protect you personal browsing data. Chrome saves and keeps a record of your browsing data. It stores saved passwords, browsing history, download history, cache, […]

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How to Protect Yourself from Spams on Facebook

Facebook Spam

Spams these days are going viral on Facebook. There must be no single user of this giant social network who would not have been a prey of it. ┬áThese┬áspams are […]