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Simple Way to Backup all your Youtube Channel Videos


Google Takeout is a tool that lets you quickly and easily download data that you created in a number of Google products. And one of such supported product is YouTube. […]

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Quickest Way to Shorten URLs and Generating QR Code

google url shortener chrome extension

Goo.gl URL Shortener Extension for Google Chrome Browser lets you quickly shorten the current webpage url with the Google URL Shortener and then lets you perform many other actions very […]

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Backup all your Google Docs on your Hard Drive with a Few Clicks

google docs backup

If you want to download all your Google Docs on your hard drive, Google docs offers a simple solution for that. Backing up all your Google Docs may prove beneficial […]

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Need a Google+ Invitation?

google plus logo

What is Google+? If you are not aware about Google+, it’s Google’s new project which aims at bringing social interactions in its most popular product ‘Google Search’. It can be […]

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Tips on How to Find Product Alternatives on Google

ipad alternatives

Are you searching for Alternatives of any Product on Google? Alternatives gives a better idea of any product or service, tells about its pros and cons, etc. Although Google is […]

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How to Download Free Music Using Google


Looking for a simple way to download free music onto your computer? without going to illegitimate music download sites? If Yes, than read on. We all know that data is […]

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Google Webmaster Tools Tip – Sign Up for Message Forwarding

google webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools are a set of tools which let you keep track of how your sites is performing in SERPs. These tools give you a comprehensive report about how Google is […]

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How to Know When did a Particular Web Page was Indexed by Google

google cached page date and time

This trick will help you to know when did Google indexed your page the last time, you will get to know the exact date and time. The trick is very simple and […]

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Google Talk Guru – Google’s New Query Answering IM Bot

google chat guru

Note: Google supposedly discontinued this service. As the official link to Google labs page for Google Talk Guru (http://guru.googlelabs.com/) is not working any more. Google recently launched Google Talk Guru, […]