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How to set Vanity URL for Facebook Profile


Vanity URL is a customizable link which is short and easy to remember & share with others. Visit the link below and set vanity url for your facebook profile and same can be done for Facebook Fan Page which will turn out to be very useful in its promotion and also in SEO.

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How to get updates from more than 250 friends on facebook


If you have hundreds of friends on Facebook, don’t be in an illusion that you receive updates from all your friends. Facebook in its new release has set a limit on live feeds, you will only receive updates of 250 friends which they select, after which all the updates are blocked.

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Ignore Unnecessary Requests On Facebook All At Once


Facebook recently rolled out new home page design with some additions,¬†subtractions¬†and replacements. But I find one feature worth mentioning which was introduced some time before but was missing later i.e. […]

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Fishbowl brings Facebook to your desktop

Experience your Facebook content in new ways with a desktop client application that lets you personalize how you read your newsfeed, update status, comment, like, browse and upload photos.