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How to Get @Facebook Email Address

Facebook Messages

Facebook launched the New Messaging System around three months ago. Many of you may be currently using that. But then also I though of writing about this for the people who […]

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Convert your Facebook Profile to Fan Page

facebook profile migration to page

Facebook now allows to convert your existing profile to Facebook page. The page name will be same as of your profile name although you can rename it if you have […]

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Facedekk – Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts at Once on your iPhone/iPad/iPod


Do you have more than one account on Facebook? Some of you might be having multiple accounts of Facebook, one separate Professional account with a personal account or an account […]

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Display Facebook Like Button in Different Languages [How to]

facebook like button in different languages

Facebook like button can be displayed in Languages other than English. Facebook by default does not show any language option at the time of configuring the like button. If you […]

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Solution to Facebook Like Button Thumbnail Problem

facebook activity update

Facebook like button now works similar to the Facebook share button. Whenever someone hits the Facebook Like button on any webpage the activity update is now shown up in Facebook profile in […]

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Backup all your Facebook Profile Data on Computer Hard Disk

facebook backup

Facebook provides a useful feature to download all your profile information on your computer hard disk. Downloading your profile information could be useful in several ways. You could go through all your previous […]

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How to Get Back to the Old Classic Photo Viewer of Facebook

Facebook new photo viewer

Facebook recently released a new photo-viewer which on clicking a photo pops up in a dark window.  Facebook users are not satisfied with the new photo-viewer. This trick will help you […]

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Add all your Facebook Friends Directly to your Gmail Contacts

facebook friend information

Note: This Chrome Extension is no longer available. If you think of exporting phone numbers or other contact info of all your friends on Facebook you might drop the idea […]

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Share Private Facebook Pictures with your Outside Friends

facebook private image

If you want to share your Private Facebook Pictures with someone who is not on Facebook you can surely do that with this trick. 1. Open the picture which you want to share with others 2. Right-click on picture and select copy image url. Thats it!