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Now Play Angry Birds on Facebook


Angry Birds for Facebook is now available! This was much awaited from past few months since its announcement was made by Peter Vesterbacka, who is Rovio‚Äôs Chief Marketing Officer. The […]

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How to Temporarily Disable Timeline from your Facebook Profile

turn off timeline

Timeline is a new profile layout introduced by Facebook sometime back. Earlier it was only available for the developer profiles on Facebook but few days back timeline is now made […]

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Now Send Money to your Facebook Friends Using PayPal Official Facebook App

paypal send money

Facebook users can now send money to their friends and family with PayPal directly on Facebook. PayPal on 17th Nov launched ‘Send Money’ App for Facebook. PayPal Send Money is […]

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Easily Manage Your Photo Albums Using Easy Photo Uploader For Facebook

Uploading one or two photos to Facebook photo albums is an easy task to perform, but when it comes to uploading loads of them and that too using the web […]

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How To Enable Facebook Timeline For Your Profile

FB Timeline Profile

Note – Timeline is now available for all. To Activate goto https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline and click ‘Get Timeline“, it will instantly get activated on your profile. Facebook Timeline is a new layout […]

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New Roll outs of Facebook – Top Stories and Real-time Ticker

facebook top stories

One of the top social networking site listed today is Facebook, which has more than 800 million active users. Among that 50% of users are logged-in to their Facebook account […]

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F B Purity – Get Rid Of Unwanted Facebook Features / Notifications

Are you fed up of daily irrelevant notifications on your Facebook Profile instead of relevant one? Are you fed up of all those Mafia Wars, Farmville and other silly application […]

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How to Cancel a Friend Request on Facebook

cancel facebook friend request

Facebook is all about connecting with Friends. It’s a great platform to connect with your existing friends and as well for making some new friends. A new connection on Facebook […]

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View your Facebook Profile as a Friend

facebook profile

Privacy on Facebook is important. And Facebook does offer a lots of options to control who can see what. Whether its your friend, friend of friend or everyone else you […]