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How to Stop Getting Candy Crush Requests on Facebook


Candy crush is no doubt is one of the most popular mobile game today. But its sending request to facebook friends feature has irritated many. Getting myself irritated about it […]

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How to Block Facebook or Limit its Usage on your Computer


Facebook is good for keeping in touch with family and friends. But it’s also a huge time waste if you are unable to limit yourself from using it. Nanny for […]

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How to Edit Photos Inside Facebook

photo edit facebook

PicMonkey an excellent online photo editor, also offers a Facebook app. Which let you do the photo editing work right inside of Facebook. It offers quite a lot of editing features. You can […]

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Access Twitter on Airtel and Tata Docomo Phones without Internet


You can now access Twitter on your Airtel and Tata Docomo phones via USSD platform, without the need of any 2G / 3G data plan. It works in same manner […]

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How to Hide your Facebook Friends List from Everyone


If you do not want anyone to know; with whom all are you friends on Facebook, just read on. This trick will let you hide your friends list; which is […]

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How to Hide Photos on Facebook


Privacy is utmost important for everyone today. And especially with photos, no one wants his or her private photos to be accessible by any unknown person. Facebook is a huge […]

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How to Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account


If you are quite bored of using Facebook or if you think it has become too much of time waste for you. And you want to delete your facebook account, you are […]

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Top 3 Ways to Write in Hindi on Facebook and Twitter


If you are native hindi speaker, and would like to chat with your family and friends on Facebook in the same language. You can very well do so using the […]

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Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome and Firefox


I got to know today that Facebook offers some useful keyword shortcut, which lets you perform actions quickly saving you some mouse clicks. So, here are they – Chrome Firefox […]