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Quickly Share your DropBox files with Others on the Web


Dropbox introduced a new feature “Links” which allow users to share their dropbox files with others. Not only files in public folder but you can now share any file you […]

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Access And Play Audio Files In DropBox With DropTunes

Dropbox being one of the most popular cloud storage service provides every comforts to enjoy different files uploaded in the Dropbox account. If you want to play audio files in Dropbox account, you can […]

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How to Host your Static Website with Dropbox for Free

host static website on dropbox

Dropbox is an excellent cloud storage service. And the best thing is its available for multiple mobile and desktop platforms, therefore you can easily share your Dropbox files over multiple […]

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Drop Web Files Directly To Your Dropbox Using URL Droplet

Cloud storage services are on rise and is a new trend to save our important documents, files over the cloud. One of the most used service for cloud storage is […]

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Backup / Move My Documents to Dropbox

backup my documents to dropbox

You can backup your entire My Documents folder to your Dropbox account. My Documents folder in Windows was mainly meant for keeping document files – to keep all the work […]

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Serious Security Loophole Discovered in DropBox Authentication Design


We all know about the recent Dropbox bug which allowed users to login without correct password within the 4 hours period before the Dropbox team actually discovered the bug and […]