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Simple Way to Backup all your Youtube Channel Videos


Google Takeout is a tool that lets you quickly and easily download data that you created in a number of Google products. And one of such supported product is YouTube. […]

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Top 3 Apps to Backup Android Phone SMS to SD Card or Gmail Account

To have a backup is always recommended when it comes to digital data, because there’s no guarantee what may anytime ¬†happen with your storage device. Same is the case with […]

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4 Steps to Back Up Your Android Phone with Free Apps

backup android free apps

Article by Guest Author The Android platform has been a game changer in the mobile phone industry, no question, but the downfall to the open source system is that you […]

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Backup / Restore Android Contacts to SD Card Without Using any App


Phone Contacts are precious. The contact list is build over time, as you meet new people, you save their contact info in your phone. It will be difficult to regain […]

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How to Create a Full Backup of your Website using cPanel

Creating Timely backups of your data is important. Whether it’s the data stored on your hard disk or your website data stored on your hosting companies’ server. Almost all the […]

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Scheduled Data Backup and Restore Tool for Android

Android firmware gets an update and it needs to be installed in time to time on your mobile phone. You would be installing the firmware on your famous mobile devices […]

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How to Backup all your Games Save Files

game save manager

Game save files are precious, as all your hard work you have put into Games, clearing all the levels, are stored in there. If save files are gone, you may […]

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Backup / Move My Documents to Dropbox

backup my documents to dropbox

You can backup your entire My Documents folder to your Dropbox account. My Documents folder in Windows was mainly meant for keeping document files – to keep all the work […]

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Backup all your Google Docs on your Hard Drive with a Few Clicks

google docs backup

If you want to download all your Google Docs on your hard drive, Google docs offers a simple solution for that. Backing up all your Google Docs may prove beneficial […]