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Find How Many Times an App has been Downloaded in the iTunes Store

iphone app downloads

There is no official way to find out how many times an app has been downloaded from the iTunes store, unless you are the developer of the app. Unlike Google […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone 4s – Comparison


Samsung Galaxy note has been introduced to the world of smart phones a few days before iPhone 4s was launched by Apple. These are the two smart phones which gained […]

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The Best Education Applications for iPhone and iPad


Getting an education has changed with the advent of the digital age. Learning is no longer limited to the confines of four walls or even a fixed set of GPS […]

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Where to Buy Steve Jobs Biography in India [Cheapest Price]

steve jobs biography

The much awaited “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, the biography of the amazing co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs has been released and is up for the sale all over the […]

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Web Browsers which Support Flash on iOS


iOS normally does not support flash videos and games, though it is possible by installing some iOS browser apps. In this post we are sharing few browser apps which support […]

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Create a Time Lapse Video of Yourself with Everyday App for iPhone

everyday iphone

Everyday App for iPhone is an interesting app which once installed will everyday ask you to take a picture of yourself specifically the face. Then later, after collecting a considerable […]

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Facedekk – Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts at Once on your iPhone/iPad/iPod


Do you have more than one account on Facebook? Some of you might be having multiple accounts of Facebook, one separate Professional account with a personal account or an account […]

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Hand-E-Holder: Hold your iPad risk free way


iPad is a portable easy to carry device but with portability comes the risk of slipping away from the holders hands, which will surely shatter the device into pieces. To […]