27.08.2012 in Software by Namit Gupta

How to Turn Off Auto-Correct in Android and iPhone

disable auto correct iphone

Auto Correct is a feature which automatically corrects a misspelled word as you type. While some people find that the changes that auto correct makes are essential, but sometimes it […]

25.08.2012 in Software by Namit Gupta

Increase Disk Space on your iPhone and iPad by Deleting Junk Files

free space ipad iphone

Apps installation, streaming videos, reading eBooks, browsing the web, moving files here and there etc, all of these tasks leave behind various cache files and other residual junk. These junk […]

24.08.2012 in Software by Namit Gupta

Make your Android Home-Screen look like iPhone iOS

android ios screen

A cool app in the google play store makes your android user interface look exactly like iPhone iOS. Once you have installed the app ‘Fake iPhone 4S‘ its difficult to […]

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How to Download All Videos of a YouTube Channel or Playlist

free youtube channel playlist download

You can find numerous tools and services which lets you download youtube videos. But most of them support downloading only a single YouTube videos at a time. What if you […]

31.07.2012 in Software by Namit Gupta

Best 5 iPhone and Android Apps for the 2012 London Olympics

london 2012 olympics logo

Well, it is underway. The 2012 Summer Olympics, hosted by the city of London, has concluded its opening ceremonies and over 10,000 athletes from 204 countries are set to compete […]

29.07.2012 in Random by Namit Gupta

Find How Many Times an App has been Downloaded in the iTunes Store

iphone app downloads

There is no official way to find out how many times an app has been downloaded from the iTunes store, unless you are the developer of the app. Unlike Google […]

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Best 5 Sites to Watch Hollywood Bollywood Movies Online for Free

If you love watching latest or old hollywood / bollywood movies, you may try the following online streaming and catalogue websites. These sites let you watch high quality movies online¬†for […]

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Top 3 Apps to Backup Android Phone SMS to SD Card or Gmail Account

To have a backup is always recommended when it comes to digital data, because there’s no guarantee what may anytime ¬†happen with your storage device. Same is the case with […]

16.07.2012 in Software by Namit Gupta

How to Share Installed Android Mobile Apps with Others

Ever wanted to share the apps installed on your Android Mobile Phone with Friends? Android 2.2+ (not sure about the older versions) include App Sharing feature by default. App Sharing […]