25.12.2009 in Internet by Namit Gupta

Backup all your Social Accounts at One Place – Backupify


Backupify, an online service which protects the important data by creating backups, its Automatic, Low in Cost, Easy, Secure, and Preserves Privacy. The services supported by backupify are Twitter, WordPress, […]

24.12.2009 in Software by Namit Gupta

Simple Batch Image Resizer – Shrink O Matic


Shrink O’Matic is an AIR application which easily batch resize (shrink) images. It handles JPGs, GIFs and PNGs. Simply drag and drop images and they’ll be resized as you wish! Options […]

22.12.2009 in Internet by Namit Gupta

Quickly Search and Download Free Icons – Icon Finder

icon finder

Icons play an essential part in designing a web page, I myself many times find it difficult to search for appropriate icons when I am on a designing job, but […]

10.12.2009 in Internet by Namit Gupta

Create a box where Friends can ask Questions Anonymously

formspring.me lets you create a form where your friends can ask you questions anonymously, the form can be easily shared with others, as formspring provides an easy vanity url to […]

08.12.2009 in Software by Namit Gupta

Turn your Phone into a Wifi Hotspot [How To]

You can share your phone’s internet (GPRS, 3G) over Wifi with other devices, I came across two very useful application for using your phone as a Wifi Hotspot. JoikuSpot for Symbian […]

05.12.2009 in Internet by Namit Gupta

Squad-Web based Real Time Collaborative Code Editor

Squad, a free online code editor, featuring collaborative editing, syntax highlighting, line numbering and has support for many programming languages. And best of all it is available for FREE, however […]

01.12.2009 in Software by Namit Gupta

Windows Users – Now Copy and Move Files at the Maximum Possible Speed


TeraCopy, a Windows application, is a compact program designed to copy and move files inside windows at the maximum possible speed. It provides a lot of addition features than the default […]

27.11.2009 in Internet by Namit Gupta

3 Ways to Find who Unfollowed you on Twitter


If you are really worried about the reducing number of your followers or if you want to be alerted if anybody unfollows you on twitter, then you can go for […]

25.11.2009 in Random by Namit Gupta

World’s Hardest Game – A Real Time Waster

World’s Hardest Game 2.0 is a sequel to the older version of the same game. It doesn’t seem logically possible, since if the first one was actually the world’s hardest, […]