07.01.2013 in Article by Amit Sharma

Enjoy Windows PC Games On Linux Ubuntu With Game Drift

game drift linux

Are you hardcore gamer and Linux Ubuntu fan, but has to stick to Windows PC just to carry out your lust for gaming? Then there`s a solution which will completely […]

10.12.2012 in Article by Namit Gupta

Halo 4 Game Review – One of the Best Shooter Video Games Available Today


Halo 4 is one of the best scientific and fictitious shooter video games available today. In this game, the player takes the place of a superior solder meant to shoot […]

08.12.2012 in Internet by Namit Gupta

Quickly Share your DropBox files with Others on the Web


Dropbox introduced a new feature “Links” which allow users to share their dropbox files with others. Not only files in public folder but you can now share any file you […]

07.12.2012 in Internet by Namit Gupta

The Best Way to Search for People on the Web


You can search for people on Social sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. These sites have large number of users and every person using the internet very likely uses at-least one of these […]

18.11.2012 in Software by Namit Gupta

Top 10 Free Time-Pass Games for Android


Guest post by Sohil Memon Own a Smartphone? I can guarantee that it is Android/iOS/BlackBerry. Today in the market various Smartphones are emerging out but most of the Smartphones are […]

14.11.2012 in Software by Namit Gupta

How to Block Facebook or Limit its Usage on your Computer


Facebook is good for keeping in touch with family and friends. But it’s also a huge time waste if you are unable to limit yourself from using it. Nanny for […]

14.11.2012 in Software by Namit Gupta

How to Send SMS to Unlimited Contacts on Android


Some Android phones have limitation on the number of outgoing messages you can send at a time. For instance yesterday I was using Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, it has a […]

02.11.2012 in Internet by Namit Gupta

New to Windows 8? Check Out These Excellent Video Tutorials to Get Started


Windows 8 is different from previous versions and it does involve a little learning curve (for example, the Start Screen replaces the Start button.) And there’s the new Windows 8 […]

02.11.2012 in Software by Namit Gupta

Download Windows 8 Free Trial – Evaluate the New OS before Making the Switch


Windows 8 comes in two versions – Standard and Pro. Microsoft doesn’t offer a trial version of either of these, but if you are willing to experiment with the new […]