18.02.2010 in Gadgets by Namit Gupta

Wi-Reach – Turns Any USB Modem into Portable WiFi Hotspot

WiReach Classic

Connect One’s Wi-Reach Classic is a compact, battery operated portable device, with a sole USB Socket which is used to connect with 3G USB modem. Once you connected a USB Modem to it, […]

15.02.2010 in Internet by Namit Gupta

Ignore Unnecessary Requests On Facebook All At Once


Facebook recently rolled out new home page design with some additions, subtractions and replacements. But I find one feature worth mentioning which was introduced some time before but was missing later i.e. […]

09.02.2010 in Internet by Namit Gupta

Watch Full-Length Hollywood/Bollywood Movies On YouTube

You can now watch some of the popular full-length Hollywood and Bollywood movies on YouTube for free. The movies are available in both high quality and standard quality versions. Although you […]

29.01.2010 in Internet by Ankit Duseja

Download Any Webpage As Pdf


Pdfmyurl is a web application that lets users download any webpage as pdf file, its quick and easy. We have tried it on several websites and its results were speedy […]

14.01.2010 in Gadgets by Namit Gupta

ZOMM-The World’s First Wireless Leash For Mobile Phones


ZOMM is the world’s first wireless leash for mobile phones. It is the brainchild of Laurie, a mother of three, who kept hearing her kids and friends complain about lost […]

09.01.2010 in Software by Namit Gupta

Use Session Manager Extension To Save Multiple Sessions in Chrome

Session Manager Extension

If you are working in chrome with multiple tabs open and want to save the current state of browser for future reference or to continue the same work later, Session […]

06.01.2010 in Software by Namit Gupta

Windows 7 GodMode


Windows Enthusiasts will surely love this trick, the trick allows to access all Operating System’s Control Panel from a single folder. By creating a new folder in Windows 7 and […]

05.01.2010 in Random by Namit Gupta

Pranav Mistry’s Amazing SixthSense Technology


Pranav Mistry’s Sixth Sense Technology is an amazing concept which will surely bring revolution in technology and in our lives if became a reality, Pranav is a truly genius person and his concept of SixthSense Technology is

04.01.2010 in Software by Namit Gupta

Google Quick Scroll Extension For Chrome Browser


Google Quick Scroll is a browser extension that helps you find what you are searching for faster. After you click on a Google search result, Quick Scroll may appear on the […]