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Control the Online Activites of your Children – 21st Century Parents Kit Initiative by IPS Bhopal

control online activities of children

Computers and Internet are nowadays ubiquitous in every field of study and work. To excel in any field a student must know proper use of the computers. With the so many advantages […]

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The Easiest Way of Transferring Text from Desktop to Mobile

copy text from desktop to android

I sometime need to transfer text from my desktop computer to my Android mobile. Mostly when I find some interesting text online which I want to SMS to my friends. […]

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Access Twitter on Airtel and Tata Docomo Phones without Internet


You can now access Twitter on your Airtel and Tata Docomo phones via USSD platform, without the need of any 2G / 3G data plan. It works in same manner […]

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4 Steps to Back Up Your Android Phone with Free Apps

backup android free apps

Article by Guest Author The Android platform has been a game changer in the mobile phone industry, no question, but the downfall to the open source system is that you […]

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How to Download Music from SoundCloud

download mp3 soundcloud

SoundCloud is a popular music sharing service. Recording and uploading sounds to SoundCloud is easy. It lets people easily share the uploaded music privately with their friends or publicly to […]

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Convert Newer Microsoft Office 2007+ File Formats to Older Office 2003 File Formats

convert docx to doc

Older Versions of Microsoft Office Applications, Office 2003 and lower version, do not support the newer office 2007+ file formats (.docx, .pptx, .xlns). Newer versions of MS Office Apps do […]

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How to Access Blocked Torrent Sites in India

unblock torrent sites

Indian ISPs have recently blocked all major torrent sites. Now when we try to access any of the torrent sites, such as torrentz.ew, we are greeted with the following message […]

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How to Hide your Facebook Friends List from Everyone


If you do not want anyone to know; with whom all are you friends on Facebook, just read on. This trick will let you hide your friends list; which is […]

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How to Hide Photos on Facebook


Privacy is utmost important for everyone today. And especially with photos, no one wants his or her private photos to be accessible by any unknown person. Facebook is a huge […]