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Search and Download Free Kindle Books in Amazon eBooks Store


Amazon has more than a million book titles, the kindle store contains the largest selection of the ebooks. New releases starts from $9.99 or even less. Amazon provides thousands of […]

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How to Get APK of Android Market Apps

Unfortunately, there’s no direct way of downloading APK from Android Market. But using some indirect ways we can very easily get APK of any Android Market applications. I have found […]

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Manage and Control your Android Device from a Web Browser

No more hassles of handling data cables for simple tasks such as file transfer to/from your android device or PC. AirDroid lets you manage and control your android phone or […]

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Benefits of BlackBerry Smartphones for Businesses


Article by Guest Author If you’re in business, you may have considered using a smart phone. The BlackBerry is one of the business cell phones used by many of today’s […]

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Flip4Mac – Play Windows Media Files on Mac / Quick Time Player


WMV is a very popular video format developed by Microsoft. However, for Mac users, it’s a little bit head-scratching for them to play, edit WMV files and to upload them […]

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Fix: Windows Media Player not Playing Video / Audio


Windows Media Player (WMP) is the default Video / Audio player which comes with the Windows pre-installed. Most of the windows users use it for enjoying multimedia content on their […]

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Make your Smartphone Water Resistant for Life


Mobile Phones and Water don’t get along very well with each other at all. Water can prove to be deadly if gets inside your phone. And this has been a […]

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Now Play Angry Birds on Facebook


Angry Birds for Facebook is now available! This was much awaited from past few months since its announcement was made by Peter Vesterbacka, who is Rovio’s Chief Marketing Officer. The […]

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Best Way to Track 404 Pages in WordPress


The 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code that is returned when the server could not find what was requested by the user / client. […]