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How to Watch Adult 18+ Videos on Youtube Without Logging In

youtube adult video warning

Some Videos on YouTube are flagged under 18+ Category. Those videos contain either nudity, explicit language or violence. You are required to log in to your YouTube Google account in […]

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How to Find MAC Address of your iPad and iPhone

This is not the Mac which Apple sells, rather its a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network. In easy language, each device connected to […]

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How to Perform Text Search on iPad Safari Browser

ipad safari search

On a Desktop Computer for searching text on a webpage you simple open ‘Find tool’ provided by the web browser, or use the shortcut key ‘CTRL+F’ which works almost everywhere […]

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Top 13 Websites to Send Free Unlimited SMS In India

send free sms all over india

Due to recent restrictions by TRAI, that the user can send only 100 SMS per day is a shock to many. And moreover mobile network getting expensive these days, one […]

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How to Run Android Apps on Windows

run android app on windows with bluestacks

You heard it right! you can now run your favorite Android apps on your Windows PC.¬†BlueStacks App player¬†for Windows lets you do that very easily. It provides you even better […]

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Access All Online Cloud Storage from One Place through your Android Tablet

There are so many online cloud storage services, and I’m sure, if you are serious about it, you might be using couple of them. Well, a question, how do you […]