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Where to Buy Steve Jobs Biography in India [Cheapest Price]

steve jobs biography

The much awaited “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, the biography of the amazing co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs has been released and is up for the sale all over the […]

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How to Host your Static Website with Dropbox for Free

host static website on dropbox

Dropbox is an excellent cloud storage service. And the best thing is its available for multiple mobile and desktop platforms, therefore you can easily share your Dropbox files over multiple […]

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Drop Web Files Directly To Your Dropbox Using URL Droplet

Cloud storage services are on rise and is a new trend to save our important documents, files over the cloud. One of the most used service for cloud storage is […]

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Backup/Restore Windows Live Writer Settings

As a blogger, we all know Windows Live Writer tool is the best blog publishing tool which can be further customized to desired preferences using plugins and settings. Think of […]

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Web Browsers which Support Flash on iOS


iOS normally does not support flash videos and games, though it is possible by installing some iOS browser apps. In this post we are sharing few browser apps which support […]

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How To Save Every Video You Watch On Web

There are lots of tutorials on the web on how to download YouTube videos, but sometimes we got stuck at the videos shared by our friends and followers on social […]

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Surf The Web Faster, Ads Free With Android Adblock

Surfing web over the Android Smartphone is quite a good experience, but it is the ads which do add some hindrances, actually only glitch preventing us to enjoy web on […]

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How To Choose Best Server To Speed Up Downloads In Ubuntu

Ubuntu being the most popular Linux Distro, is one of my favorite too as it provides various tweaking options to play with rather than using the slow¬†Windows OS. I would […]

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Easily Manage Your Photo Albums Using Easy Photo Uploader For Facebook

Uploading one or two photos to Facebook photo albums is an easy task to perform, but when it comes to uploading loads of them and that too using the web […]