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How to Decode QR Code Online

decode qr code online

A QR code (Quick Response code) is a two-dimensional barcode that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers, mostly high-end mobile phones with camera. The code consists of black modules […]

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How to Cancel a Friend Request on Facebook

cancel facebook friend request

Facebook is all about connecting with Friends. It’s a great platform to connect with your existing friends and as well for making some new friends. A new connection on Facebook […]

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A Simple Tip to Increase your Internet Speed

dns benchmark test

You can make your internet connection work little faster by checking out your DNS performance. DNS stands for Domain Name System, it is a naming system which translates domain names […]

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Bulk WP Smush.it – Optimize all your WordPress Images in a Click

smush-it web interface

Sumsh.it is a service by Yahoo which lets you optimize your images by removing unnecessary bytes from them. It’s a ‘lossless’ tool which means that it optimizes the images without […]

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Best 5 Blogging Apps for Android

blog from android device

Many of us write blogs, whether it’s a personal blog, professional one or micro blogs on sites such as twitter or Facebook. Blogging is interesting and a good way to […]

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Expand Short Urls Without Actually Visiting them


Short URLs are easy to share thus solves the problem of sharing long urls with limited space length at Twitter, Facebook, etc. But with this useful advantages there’s also a […]

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Download Angry Birds for Android Mobile

angry birds

Angry Birds, the wildly popular puzzle video game developed by Rovio Mobile was first released for Apple’s iOS and within a short span of time over 12 million copies of it were […]

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View your Facebook Profile as a Friend

facebook profile

Privacy on Facebook is important. And Facebook does offer a lots of options to control who can see what. Whether its your friend, friend of friend or everyone else you […]

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How to Activate Facebook Video Calling

facebook video calling

Facebook recently introduced Video Calling in collaboration with Skype. This was a much awaited feature. Now you can video call any of your friend inside Facebook itself without going anywhere else. And everything […]