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Test Drive Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on its Online Simulator

galaxy tab simulator

Samsung is now offering an online simulator for its galaxy tab 10.1. Where every feature of the tab could be explored via step by step animation guide. There’s a search […]

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Sites to Explore Magazine, Comic Book Covers and Vintage Advertisements

cover browser

Are you a comic book fan? Cover Browser is a website to explore and search comic book covers. You’ll find everything from Superman to Spider-Man to independent comics. With comics […]

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Google Page Rank Update June 2011

theitechblog sitelinks

Google rolled out a major page rank update today. And I am very delighted in announcing that Theitechblog got upgraded to PR2 from PR1. And we also got the same […]

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Serious Security Loophole Discovered in DropBox Authentication Design


We all know about the recent Dropbox bug which allowed users to login without correct password within the 4 hours period before the Dropbox team actually discovered the bug and […]

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How to Blog on Facebook

facebook + Blogging

If you spend a lot of time on Facebook and you also love blogging. But the problem is writing blogs take time and you love Facebook so much that can’t […]

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Tips on How to Find Product Alternatives on Google

ipad alternatives

Are you searching for Alternatives of any Product on Google? Alternatives gives a better idea of any product or service, tells about its pros and cons, etc. Although Google is […]

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Best Way to Offer Downloads on your Website Saving Bandwidth

download icon

Offering direct downloads on your website can consume a lost of Bandwidth and server resources. The best way is to offer torrent of the files. As torrent works on P2P […]

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Facebook Now Sending Email Notifications for Likes on Wall Posts

facebook like notification email

I recently got an email notification from Facebook for a like on my recent wall post. And this is the first time I am getting any such notification. This must be a […]

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Hide all your Windows Desktop Icons in a Single Click

clean desktop

I am among those people whose desktop is always full of icons. I surf net alot. And I am in a habit of saving almost all the things on desktop […]