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Google Webmaster Tools Tip – Sign Up for Message Forwarding

google webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools are a set of tools which let you keep track of how your sites is performing in SERPs. These tools give you a comprehensive report about how Google is […]

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Password Protect your Google Chrome Browser


Password Protect your Chrome Browser to protect you personal browsing data. Chrome saves and keeps a record of your browsing data. It stores saved passwords, browsing history, download history, cache, […]

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Retweet and Win AdsensePress, Highest CTR WordPress Adsense Theme

adsensepress wordpress theme

Previously we wrote a review of AdsensePress WordPress Theme. And now we are giving away 2 licensed copies worth $58 of the same theme. I would like to thank the AdsensePress […]

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AdsensePress – Highest CTR WordPress Adsense Theme

adsensepress wordpress theme

AdsensePress is a simple and lightweight Premium WordPress Theme. Its fully Adsense Optimized and claims to offer the highest CRT (Click Through Rate). The main reason behind the high CTR with […]

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Change the Default Facebook Chat Pop-Up Sound

facebook chat

Facebook chat alerts you with a notification sound whenever anyone pings you while you are away from chat. If you don’t like the default sound, now you could change that with […]

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How to find MAC address of your Android Mobile


What is MAC Address? A Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment. MAC addresses are used […]

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8 Ways to Listen Hindi MP3 Songs Online for Free

Google Music India

Finding and Listening any type of music on internet is not at all difficult nowadays. Google is always there to help you. But it can sometimes lead you to illegitimate sites which are full of spams and […]

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Access Facebook on Non GPRS/3G Mobile Phones for Free in India


Airtel subscribers in India can now access Facebook on their mobile phones without any GPRS or 3G data plans. The service is based on Fonetwish which was developed by U2opia […]

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How to Protect Yourself from Spams on Facebook

Facebook Spam

Spams these days are going viral on Facebook. There must be no single user of this giant social network who would not have been a prey of it.  These spams are […]