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Add all your Facebook Friends Directly to your Gmail Contacts

facebook friend information

Note: This Chrome Extension is no longer available. If you think of exporting phone numbers or other contact info of all your friends on Facebook you might drop the idea […]

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Watch YouTube Videos in a Clean Clutter Free Environment


ViewPure is an online service which lets you watch any YouTube video in a clean, clutter free environment without comments, suggestions, or the ‘other’ things which are on YouTube website. Related: […]

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Learn How to Blog on WordPress

learn wordpress

WordPress.com, which is a free blogging platform launched a help center to assist people to start blogging on WordPress.com. Help center covers all instructions with pictures and videos from getting started to […]

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Wordmark – Free Online Font Viewer


Wordmark is a free online font viewer, it loads all the fonts installed on your computer and preview them using the text specified by you. You can change the background […]

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Share Private Facebook Pictures with your Outside Friends

facebook private image

If you want to share your Private Facebook Pictures with someone who is not on Facebook you can surely do that with this trick. 1. Open the picture which you want to share with others 2. Right-click on picture and select copy image url. Thats it!

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MailVU – Record and Send Private Video Emails to Family and Friends


MailVU is a free online service which lets you record and share a video with anyone via email.  Its fast and easy to use and you can use it to send […]

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Get Instant Website Downtime Updates via Email, Twitter or SMS


Dingitsup is a free and simple service which claims to instantly alert you via text(SMS), twitter or email whenever your site goes down and then again alerts you when it […]

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Vischeck – Test Website Against Color-Blind Vision

street light color deficient

It’s very important for a designer to test images or website design against color blind vision for accessibility purpose. According to W3C accessibility standards a website’s text and graphics should […]

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Facebook Photo Zoom – Best way to view Photos on Facebook

facebook zoom

Earlier I had written Zoom any Picture in  Facebook on just a Mouse Over that was about a Google Chrome Extension. Later that extension was causing some problems so I […]