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Soluto – Make Windows Computer Boot Faster

the problem slow boot

As your computer gets older it gets slower and takes a longer time to boot thus making you more and more frustrated each time you start turn it on. Why […]

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CopyPasteCharacter – Copy Special Characters that aren’t present on Keyboard

copy paste character

CopyPasteCharacter is website developed by Konst & Teknik & Martin Strom, which provides a table of special characters that aren’t present on your keyboard which you can instantly copy with […]

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DropMocks – Quickest Way to Create a Simple Image Gallery

drop mocks

People like sharing various images with others. They generally share images with their friends on Facebook. But what if anyone need to share pictures with someone who is not on Facebook, mailing […]

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Adobe Products Complete Keyboard Shortcut Guides

adobe keyboard shortcuts

Noble Desktop provides complete keyboard shortcut guides for various Adobe and some other products (for PC and MAC both). Keyboard shortcuts saves time of repeatedly moving cursor back to the tool box […]

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Quickly Block/Unblock Websites on Windows Computer


Note: This tool has some bugs in it. We no further recommend that you use it. And that’s why we have also disabled the ‘letmework.zip’ download link on this page. […]

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How to get Twitter Tweet or Facebook Status Direct Link


You can get a direct link to the Twitter tweet or Facebook status update to directly access that particular entity directly via accessing the link. This is useful if you […]

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How to Change Primary Domain of HostGator Account


I recently migrated TheitechBlog to Hostgator. And I liked their Customer Support. The live chat technicians are really helpful and promptly reply to all the queries. While purchasing the hosting […]