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Giveaway – Hello Bar Invites [Retweet & Win]


Grabbing Attention is most important for any business. Whether its blogging or other online services, grabbing people’s attention is must to succeed in it. Have you noticed the stunning bar […]

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Download Licensed Softwares for Free via GiveAwayoftheDay Initiative

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GiveAwayoftheDay is an initiative of Giveaway of the day project. Everyday it offers a licensed software for free for openly download to all its visitors. You have earlier seen many websites and publishers […]

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Embed Audio on Website – The Best Way


Embedding Audio or Video is the best way to make a webpage more interactive. There are quite many options to embed a video on a webpage, you can easily upload […]

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CashforMobile: Get Paid for Recycling your Old Mobile Phone


You got a brand new mobile phone sometime back and now your old mobile phone is of no use. What will you do with it? Throw it in garbage or […]

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Add a New Default Avatar to WordPress [How to]


Image Credits: brtsergio/ Flickr. When a reader comments on your blog, a small image is displayed next to his/her name. It’s either a local Avatar or a Global Avatar (Gravatar). If […]

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Facebook: How to Save your Privacy from Friendship Page

facebook friendship page

Facebook recently launched Friendship Pages. You can now get to explore what is common between two Facebook users. Friendship Page tell about mutual friends, common likes, the individual posts and comments made by each other […]

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Add Twitter Tab to your Facebook Page [How to]


In this tutorial I will show you how you can add Twitter tab to any Facebook Fan Page. Adding Twitter tab to your Facebook fan page will help you promote your Twitter account to the members and to make your tweets directly accessible on the fan page. You can add a single twitter id to multiple fan pages. Lets begin with the procedure…

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How to Properly Display Images in RSS Feeds


You insert images in your posts to make your posts more interactive and appealing. To make images inline with text you use css styles (left, right, center). These styles sometimes doesn’t […]

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Chrome Web Developer Extension: A must have for Web Developers

Chrome logo

The Web Developer Extension for Google Chrome is a collection of various web developer tools. This extension adds a button at the browser toolbar. From where you can access all the tools this extension […]