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Proofreading made easy with After the Deadline for Google Chrome Add-On


After the Deadline WordPress plugin which you were using for contextual spell, grammar and style checking is now available as a Google Chrome Add-On with the same features and many more new additions, to be used in text fields everywhere on web. You can do spell, grammar and style checking with this add-on whenever you write anything anywhere on web.

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Adding About the Author Box Below each Post in WordPress


Whenever a reader likes any article he looks for the author, to know more about him, to connect with him/her. About the Author Box below the post is the best place to display some information about the author. Especially in a multi-author blog each author should get proper credits for his/her post(s).

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Add Facebook Like Button in your WordPress Blog


Facebook like button is a great way to allow people to share your posts with their Facebook friends. And to express their liking. I added like button to this blog […]

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Make sure Nobody else is using your Facebook Account


This is a new feature which was rolled out by Facebook some days back. It allows you to monitor which device are being used to access your account. It lets […]

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Make any Web page Easier to Read and Print


A browser tool, Readability makes any web page easier to read and print. The tool removes all the clutter around the main text of the web page (for example advertisements, unnecessary graphics) and format it to make your reading more comfortable and enjoyable.

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6 Awesome Facebook Tips, Tricks and How to’s


Facebook is the largest social networking website with more than 400 million active users. Facebook gives people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Following are the 6 awesome Facebook Tips, Tricks and How to’s.

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Remove the Little Smiley Face that Appears at the Bottom of your Blog


A little smiley face appears at the bottom of your WordPress blog, which looks like : What is it? It’s a little .gif that the WordPress Stats plugin uses to monitor your page. If you want to remove it from your blog, it is very easy to do. Goto Appearance > Editor > Style.css (whatever your main style sheet is named)