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Microsoft Office 2010

Download and Use Microsoft Office 2010 Free for 6 Months

Microsoft Office 2010, launched in the end of 2009 has been greatly appreciated by all its users around the world. You might already be using it on your personal computer and...

Kaspersky ONE – Best Antivirus Solution to Protect all your Digital Devices

In today's world, almost everyone of us use multiple digital devices. Lets consider the most basic example - a desktop computer Windows or Mac, and a smartphone. Most of us use...
missing android

7 Apps to Track and Recover your Lost/Stolen Android Phone

This article is a compilation of some excellent Android Applications which could help you to Track and Recover your Lost or Stolen Android Phone. Mobile Phones are expensive and now have become...

Proofreading made easy with After the Deadline for Google Chrome Add-On

After the Deadline WordPress plugin which you were using for contextual spell, grammar and style checking is now available as a Google Chrome Add-On with the same features and many more new additions, to be used in text fields everywhere on web. You can do spell, grammar and style checking with this add-on whenever you write anything anywhere on web.

Shrink Pic-Optimize Images Automatically

Shrink Pic, a Windows tool, optimize images (resize, format change) automatically before uploading to the web, it silently works in background, eliminating the need to manually optimize the image before using...
google url shortener chrome extension

Quickest Way to Shorten URLs and Generating QR Code

Goo.gl URL Shortener Extension for Google Chrome Browser lets you quickly shorten the current webpage url with the Google URL Shortener and then lets you perform many other actions very easily...

Backup / Restore Android Contacts to SD Card Without Using any App

Phone Contacts are precious. The contact list is build over time, as you meet new people, you save their contact info in your phone. It will be difficult to regain all...
free space ipad iphone

Increase Disk Space on your iPhone and iPad by Deleting Junk Files

Apps installation, streaming videos, reading eBooks, browsing the web, moving files here and there etc, all of these tasks leave behind various cache files and other residual junk. These junk files...