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call filter app android

Best Phone Call and SMS Blocker/Filter App for Android

Call Filter is the best application to stop unknown/unwanted calls and sms to your Android phone. The application is efficient and easy to setup. Call Filter comes in free and premium versions....
missing android

7 Apps to Track and Recover your Lost/Stolen Android Phone

This article is a compilation of some excellent Android Applications which could help you to Track and Recover your Lost or Stolen Android Phone. Mobile Phones are expensive and now have become...
Microsoft Office 2010

Download and Use Microsoft Office 2010 Free for 6 Months

Microsoft Office 2010, launched in the end of 2009 has been greatly appreciated by all its users around the world. You might already be using it on your personal computer and...

iPaper: Instapaper Client for Android

Instapaper is a service which lets you save any webpage for a later read. Lets say you landed on a webpage and would like to read it but does not have...

Get Quick View of CSS Properties of the Webpage Elements

Earlier I had written about Chrome Web Developer Extension. Today I am sharing a similar extension CSSScan. This Google Chrome extension is also inspired by a Firefox extension, the extension allows...

Restrict the Amount of Time you Spend on Time Wasting Websites

The first thing I do when I start my laptop is checking the Emails and Facebook updates. (Although after getting an Android phone I now get the email updates on phone)...
the problem slow boot

Soluto – Make Windows Computer Boot Faster

As your computer gets older it gets slower and takes a longer time to boot thus making you more and more frustrated each time you start turn it on. Why Computers get...
Chrome logo

Chrome Web Developer Extension: A must have for Web Developers

The Web Developer Extension for Google Chrome is a collection of various web developer tools. This extension adds a button at the browser toolbar. From where you can access all the tools this extension offers....
WordPress Stats Chrome Extension

Get Real-time Traffic Stats without Logging into WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Stats Chrome Extension provides you with the real-time traffic stats of your blog without logging-in your WordPress dashboard. You will get all the stats data by clicking on extension icon...