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Serious Security Loophole Discovered in DropBox Authentication Design

We all know about the recent Dropbox bug which allowed users to login without correct password within the 4 hours period before the Dropbox team actually discovered the bug and fixed...

Emus4U App Installer | iPhone and Android


Emus4U is one of the top-rated unofficial app installers, offering a little bit more than most. Besides the modified apps and games, all with great new features, Emus4U app also offers a large choice of Cydia apps, including the ever-popular games emulators, the best screen recorders and a whole heap more. Downloading it is simple, you don’t need Cydia and its all free.

How to Get APK of Android Market Apps

Unfortunately, there's no direct way of downloading APK from Android Market. But using some indirect ways we can very easily get APK of any Android Market applications. I have found three ways...

Best File Manager Apps for Android

File Manager Application lets you browse though the file structure of your Android phone. Android by default does not offer any file manager. So users in need of such facility need...

Ninite – Easy Automatic Software Installer for Windows and Linux

Update: Ninite is now always available for Linux Operating System. Do you get bore in installing applications after a fresh new install of Windows Operating System? If Yes, then "Ninite" is for...

Top 3 Android Apps to Send Unlimited Free SMS to India

Origin of Internet on Mobile Phones made available many free SMS or Voice Call alternatives to mobile users. Lets discuss about the most popular Android apps which lets you send free...

6 Best Free Music Search and Download Apps for Android

Mobiles have almost replaced the Portable Music Players. Today we mostly prefer Mobiles for listening music on the go rather than carrying any other extra device for the same. This is...

Best Way to Capture and Annotate Screenshot of any Web Page

Awesome Screenshot is an excellent browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox. It lets you capture the whole web page or any portion of it. After capturing the screenshot you can...
facebook chat

Change the Default Facebook Chat Pop-Up Sound

Facebook chat alerts you with a notification sound whenever anyone pings you while you are away from chat. If you don't like the default sound, now you could change that with FaceSound,...