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Top 5 Indian Online Shopping Apps for iPhone and Android

online shopping apps india

Online shopping has become the trendiest mode of shopping for many computer users. The convenience of online retail stores has become an alluring factor. Also, the other advantages like the […]

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10 Healthcare Apps to Keep you Healthy


Guest Post by Sohail Memon “Health” means the condition of our body. In this modern world to be “Healthy” is a very big problem but today I am giving you […]

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Top 10 Free Time-Pass Games for Android


Guest post by Sohil Memon Own a Smartphone? I can guarantee that it is Android/iOS/BlackBerry. Today in the market various Smartphones are emerging out but most of the Smartphones are […]

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How to Block Facebook or Limit its Usage on your Computer


Facebook is good for keeping in touch with family and friends. But it’s also a huge time waste if you are unable to limit yourself from using it. Nanny for […]

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How to Send SMS to Unlimited Contacts on Android


Some Android phones have limitation on the number of outgoing messages you can send at a time. For instance yesterday I was using Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, it has a […]

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Download Windows 8 Free Trial – Evaluate the New OS before Making the Switch


Windows 8 comes in two versions – Standard and Pro. Microsoft doesn’t offer a trial version of either of these, but if you are willing to experiment with the new […]

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Best Way to Capture and Annotate Screenshot of any Web Page


Awesome Screenshot is an excellent browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox. It lets you capture the whole web page or any portion of it. After capturing the screenshot you […]

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How to Turn Off Auto-Correct in Android and iPhone

disable auto correct iphone

Auto Correct is a feature which automatically corrects a misspelled word as you type. While some people find that the changes that auto correct makes are essential, but sometimes it […]

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Increase Disk Space on your iPhone and iPad by Deleting Junk Files

free space ipad iphone

Apps installation, streaming videos, reading eBooks, browsing the web, moving files here and there etc, all of these tasks leave behind various cache files and other residual junk. These junk […]