Saturday, November 17, 2018

Make your Smartphone Water Resistant for Life

Mobile Phones and Water don’t get along very well with each other at all. Water can prove to be deadly if gets inside your phone. And this has been a problem...

How to Reset / Change Windows Password from Command Line

This must be the easiest way to change windows user password. You just need to have access to the command prompt with administrator rights and you can instantly change the windows...

How to Find MAC Address of your iPad and iPhone

This is not the Mac which Apple sells, rather its a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network. In easy language, each device connected to a...
ipad safari search

How to Perform Text Search on iPad Safari Browser

On a Desktop Computer for searching text on a webpage you simple open 'Find tool' provided by the web browser, or use the shortcut key 'CTRL+F' which works almost everywhere and...
steve jobs biography

Where to Buy Steve Jobs Biography in India [Cheapest Price]

The much awaited "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson, the biography of the amazing co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs has been released and is up for the sale all over the world. The...

Make a Call in a Single Tap on your Android Phone

Android offers a useful feature which allows you to call your favorite contact at one tap. It's a simple feature which lets you create a shortcut icon for any contact on...
windows 8

First Look at Windows 8 User Interface

Microsoft is working on the next generation of windows which has been code-named "Windows 8". And this is the first time Microsoft has demonstrated about the windows 8 user interface and...
adobe keyboard shortcuts

Adobe Products Complete Keyboard Shortcut Guides

Noble Desktop provides complete keyboard shortcut guides for various Adobe and some other products (for PC and MAC both). Keyboard shortcuts saves time of repeatedly moving cursor back to the tool box to...
Google's Slideshow

A Brilliant Slideshow of ‘Interesting Things’ Created by Google

"The World is Full of Interesting Things" this is the name of the magnificent slideshow created by Google's Creative Labs. "You will find a lot of interesting HTML5 apps, iPhone apps,...

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