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How to Find the Right Desktop to Suit Your Needs


If you are in the market for a new computer, there are so many to choose from it can be difficult making the right buying decisions. Whether you have your […]

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Automate the Hiring Process with Applicant Tracking System


Do you possess filing cabinets that overflow with emailed and faxed applications and resumes? Does the recruiting and hiring process eat up so much of your valuable time that you […]

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Find How Many Times an App has been Downloaded in the iTunes Store

iphone app downloads

There is no official way to find out how many times an app has been downloaded from the iTunes store, unless you are the developer of the app. Unlike Google […]

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10 New & Useful Android 4.0 ICS Tips & Features

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

The release of Android 4.0 code-named “Ice Cream Sandwich” has been a tremendous leap for the Google mobile platform tying up the tablet and smart phone OSes into one system. […]

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How to Use Internet on your Computer using Nokia Phone

use internet with nokia phone

Connecting to internet on you PC using your Nokia Mobile Phone is easy. First of all, which is very obvious, you need a data connection activated on your phone, either […]

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Control the Online Activites of your Children – 21st Century Parents Kit Initiative by IPS Bhopal

control online activities of children

Computers and Internet are nowadays ubiquitous in every field of study and work. To excel in any field a student must know proper use of the computers. With the so many advantages […]

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The Easiest Way of Transferring Text from Desktop to Mobile

copy text from desktop to android

I sometime need to transfer text from my desktop computer to my Android mobile. Mostly when I find some interesting text online which I want to SMS to my friends. […]

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Access Twitter on Airtel and Tata Docomo Phones without Internet


You can now access Twitter on your Airtel and Tata Docomo phones via USSD platform, without the need of any 2G / 3G data plan. It works in same manner […]

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Advantages of Using a Prepaid Mobile Plan


Guest Post by James Prepaid cell phone plans have become increasingly popular over the years. The best part about prepaid plans is the flexibility. Customers aren’t tied to an annual […]