Automatically Insert a Feed Subscription Note at the Bottom of each WordPress Post

Total number of Feed Subscribers/Readers tells about how much popular a particular blog is. If a blog has large number of feed readers means more people like the blog and they enjoy reading the...

Best Way to Tweet More than 140 Characters

The 140 characters of twitter is sometimes not just enough, probably many a times. If you want to share long messages on twitter I have got an excellent service for you,...
content ideas

Best Places to Find Content Ideas for your Blog

The truth of blogging is that to build a successful blog you need lots of good content. It does not matter how your content looks, you need a lots of content...
google chat guru

Google Talk Guru – Google’s New Query Answering IM Bot

Note: Google supposedly discontinued this service. As the official link to Google labs page for Google Talk Guru ( is not working any more. Google recently launched Google Talk Guru, an instant...
Facebook Page Comment Box

Add a Separate Comment tab to Facebook Page for accepting Fan’s Feedback

Adding a separate comment box tab to your Facebook page will allow fans to leave their comments, ask for their queries or also talk among themselves. This is a nice way...

Make any Web page Easier to Read and Print

A browser tool, Readability makes any web page easier to read and print. The tool removes all the clutter around the main text of the web page (for example advertisements, unnecessary graphics) and format it to make your reading more comfortable and enjoyable.
facebook friend information

Add all your Facebook Friends Directly to your Gmail Contacts

Note: This Chrome Extension is no longer available. If you think of exporting phone numbers or other contact info of all your friends on Facebook you might drop the idea thinking about...
Google Music India

8 Ways to Listen Hindi MP3 Songs Online for Free

Finding and Listening any type of music on internet is not at all difficult nowadays. Google is always there to help you. But it can sometimes lead you to illegitimate sites which are full of spams and viruses....
convert docx to doc

Convert Newer Microsoft Office 2007+ File Formats to Older Office 2003 File Formats

Older Versions of Microsoft Office Applications, Office 2003 and lower version, do not support the newer office 2007+ file formats (.docx, .pptx, .xlns). Newer versions of MS Office Apps do provide...