Saturday, December 29, 2018

Top 3 Ways to Write in Hindi on Facebook and Twitter

If you are native hindi speaker, and would like to chat with your family and friends on Facebook in the same language. You can very well do so using the ways...

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome and Firefox

I got to know today that Facebook offers some useful keyword shortcut, which lets you perform actions quickly saving you some mouse clicks. So, here are they - Chrome Firefox Facebook alt+m alt+0 alt+1 alt+2 alt+3 alt+4 alt+5 alt+6 alt+7 alt+8 alt+9 alt+? shift+alt+m shift+alt+0 shift+alt+1 shift+alt+2 shift+alt+3 shift+alt+4 shift+alt+5 shift+alt+6 shift+alt+7 shift+alt+8 shift+alt+9 shift+alt+? new message help center home page profile...

Now Play Angry Birds on Facebook

Angry Birds for Facebook is now available! This was much awaited from past few months since its announcement was made by Peter Vesterbacka, who is Rovio’s Chief Marketing Officer. The Facebook version...

Best Way to Track 404 Pages in WordPress

The 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code that is returned when the server could not find what was requested by the user / client. In simple...

Create an Elegant Personal Portal in Few Minutes

Isn't it be great to have a personal page of oneself on the internet among the billions of other pages. Almost everyone today has a Facebook and Twitter account. Facebook account...
turn off timeline

How to Temporarily Disable Timeline from your Facebook Profile

Timeline is a new profile layout introduced by Facebook sometime back. Earlier it was only available for the developer profiles on Facebook but few days back timeline is now made available...
youtube adult video warning

How to Watch Adult 18+ Videos on Youtube Without Logging In

Some Videos on YouTube are flagged under 18+ Category. Those videos contain either nudity, explicit language or violence. You are required to log in to your YouTube Google account in order...
send free sms all over india

Top 13 Websites to Send Free Unlimited SMS In India

Due to recent restrictions by TRAI, that the user can send only 100 SMS per day is a shock to many. And moreover mobile network getting expensive these days, one has...

Access And Play Audio Files In DropBox With DropTunes

Dropbox being one of the most popular cloud storage service provides every comforts to enjoy different files uploaded in the Dropbox account. If you want to play audio files in Dropbox account, you can try...

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