Automatically Insert a Feed Subscription Note at the Bottom of each WordPress Post

Total number of Feed Subscribers/Readers tells about how much popular a particular blog is. If a blog has large number of feed readers means more people like the blog and they enjoy reading the...

Adding About the Author Box Below each Post in WordPress

Whenever a reader likes any article he looks for the author, to know more about him, to connect with him/her. About the Author Box below the post is the best place to display some information about the author. Especially in a multi-author blog each author should get proper credits for his/her post(s).

How to Hide your Facebook Friends List from Everyone

If you do not want anyone to know; with whom all are you friends on Facebook, just read on. This trick will let you hide your friends list; which is displayed...
theitechblog qrcode

Easiest Way to Generate a QR Code

QR code is two-dimensional bar code and stands for Quick Response Code. QR Code can be used to store addresses and URLs that can appear in magazines, on signs, buses, business...
facebook profile

View your Facebook Profile as a Friend

Privacy on Facebook is important. And Facebook does offer a lots of options to control who can see what. Whether its your friend, friend of friend or everyone else you can...
street light color deficient

Vischeck – Test Website Against Color-Blind Vision

It's very important for a designer to test images or website design against color blind vision for accessibility purpose. According to W3C accessibility standards a website's text and graphics should be...

Backup all your Social Accounts at One Place – Backupify

Backupify, an online service which protects the important data by creating backups, its Automatic, Low in Cost, Easy, Secure, and Preserves Privacy. The services supported by backupify are Twitter, WordPress, Facebook,...
cancel facebook friend request

How to Cancel a Friend Request on Facebook

Facebook is all about connecting with Friends. It's a great platform to connect with your existing friends and as well for making some new friends. A new connection on Facebook begins...

Access Facebook on Non GPRS/3G Mobile Phones for Free in India

Airtel subscribers in India can now access Facebook on their mobile phones without any GPRS or 3G data plans. The service is based on Fonetwish which was developed by U2opia Mobile,...