Friday, October 19, 2018
download mp3 soundcloud

How to Download Music from SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a popular music sharing service. Recording and uploading sounds to SoundCloud is easy. It lets people easily share the uploaded music privately with their friends or publicly to blogs,...
convert docx to doc

Convert Newer Microsoft Office 2007+ File Formats to Older Office 2003 File Formats

Older Versions of Microsoft Office Applications, Office 2003 and lower version, do not support the newer office 2007+ file formats (.docx, .pptx, .xlns). Newer versions of MS Office Apps do provide...
unblock torrent sites

How to Access Blocked Torrent Sites in India

Indian ISPs have recently blocked all major torrent sites. Now when we try to access any of the torrent sites, such as torrentz.ew, we are greeted with the following message -...

How to Hide your Facebook Friends List from Everyone

If you do not want anyone to know; with whom all are you friends on Facebook, just read on. This trick will let you hide your friends list; which is displayed...

How to Hide Photos on Facebook

Privacy is utmost important for everyone today. And especially with photos, no one wants his or her private photos to be accessible by any unknown person. Facebook is a huge network...

How to Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account

If you are quite bored of using Facebook or if you think it has become too much of time waste for you. And you want to delete your facebook account, you are at...

Easiest Way to Block Adult Websites on your Home Computer – No Software Required

If you want to protect your children from accessing adult, malware and phishing sites on your home computer, then this must be the easiest way to perform such blocking. You'll have to...

Top 7 Websites to Send Free International SMS

Sending SMS through Desktop or Laptop is nowadays an easy task and there are plenty of websites which helps you to quickly send free SMS throughout the world. And more number...

Search And Download YouTube Videos As MP3 Instantly

Surfing and downloading videos from YouTube is fun and is one of the best way to beat stress. Try it. Though, being the biggest video portal on web, sometimes users like...

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