Use Security Keys to make WordPress more Secure

WordPress is a free open source blog publishing platform which can also be used for content management. The biggest problem with open source applications is that they are vulnerable to security...
content ideas

Best Places to Find Content Ideas for your Blog

The truth of blogging is that to build a successful blog you need lots of good content. It does not matter how your content looks, you need a lots of content...
host static website on dropbox

How to Host your Static Website with Dropbox for Free

Dropbox is an excellent cloud storage service. And the best thing is its available for multiple mobile and desktop platforms, therefore you can easily share your Dropbox files over multiple devices. You...

How to Find Name and Location of Unknown Callers

If you are getting too many unnecessary calls you can now avoid them by using True Caller. It's a free service which shows you details about the unknown incoming calls. True...

Simple Tool to Convert Text to Speech

This tool lets you convert your text into speech. It uses the Google's text to speech API. The tool is quick and easy to use. Just open the website. Enter some text...

Ignore Unnecessary Requests On Facebook All At Once

Facebook recently rolled out new home page design with some additions, subtractions and replacements. But I find one feature worth mentioning which was introduced some time before but was missing later i.e. the...
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How to Cancel a Friend Request on Facebook

Facebook is all about connecting with Friends. It's a great platform to connect with your existing friends and as well for making some new friends. A new connection on Facebook begins...

How to set Vanity URL for Facebook Profile

Vanity URL is a customizable link which is short and easy to remember & share with others. Visit the link below and set vanity url for your facebook profile and same can be done for Facebook Fan Page which will turn out to be very useful in its promotion and also in SEO.