How to get updates from more than 250 friends on facebook

If you have hundreds of friends on Facebook, don't be in an illusion that you receive updates from all your friends. Facebook in its new release has set a limit on live feeds, you will only receive updates of 250 friends which they select, after which all the updates are blocked.

What is Google Adsense Section Targeting?

Google Adsense Section targeting allows you to suggest sections of your site's content that you would like google to emphasize or ignore while matching ads to your site's content.

Watch IPL Matches Live on Youtube

Tonight the Deccan Chargers and Kolkata Knight Riders will face off in Mumbai at 8PM IST, the match can be watched live on IPL's Official Youtube Channel (www.youtube.com/ipl).

Ignore Unnecessary Requests On Facebook All At Once

Facebook recently rolled out new home page design with some additions, subtractions and replacements. But I find one feature worth mentioning which was introduced some time before but was missing later i.e. the...

Watch Full-Length Hollywood/Bollywood Movies On YouTube

You can now watch some of the popular full-length Hollywood and Bollywood movies on YouTube for free. The movies are available in both high quality and standard quality versions. Although you will...

Download Any Webpage As Pdf

Pdfmyurl is a web application that lets users download any webpage as pdf file, its quick and easy. We have tried it on several websites and its results were ...

Newsmap-Smart Google News News Aggregator

Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator. A treemap visualization algorithm helps display the enormous amount of information gathered by the...

Add Symbols and Retweet Link to Any Tweet

A blogger always wishes to get more and more retweets as to reach to mass audience. Bloggers include retweet buttons in their articles either below the article or above the article...

Easiest Way to Download Youtube Videos

There are many tools and services available for downloading videos from the world's most popular video sharing website youtube. Many of those tools require installation and the other online services need...