6 Awesome Facebook Tips, Tricks and How to’s

Facebook is the largest social networking website with more than 400 million active users. Facebook gives people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Following are the 6 awesome Facebook Tips, Tricks and How to's.

Remove the Little Smiley Face that Appears at the Bottom of your Blog

A little smiley face appears at the bottom of your WordPress blog, which looks like : What is it? It's a little .gif that the WordPress Stats plugin uses to monitor your page. If you want to remove it from your blog, it is very easy to do. Goto Appearance > Editor > Style.css (whatever your main style sheet is named)
Revenue Sharing

Manually implement Google Adsense Revenue Sharing in your WordPress Blog

Revenue sharing could be implemented in a multi-author blog to pay guest authors for their efforts. Sometime back I implemented this on MightyLaws, my another blog which I founded 4 months ago...

Download Complete Facebook Photo Album of your Friend in a Single click

If you like to Store your Friend's Facebook Album Photos on your computer may be to review them later or to make your own private photo collection, I have a nice trick for you which can help you download your friends complete photo album in a single click.

Use Security Keys to make WordPress more Secure

WordPress is a free open source blog publishing platform which can also be used for content management. The biggest problem with open source applications is that they are vulnerable to security...
Adsense Section Targeting

Implement Google Adsense Section Targeting in your WordPress blog

Earlier I wrote What is Google Adsense Section Targeting? in this post I'll show you how you can implement it on your WordPress blog. We mainly need section targeting on Single/Post Pages, to show more specific content related ads. To get effective results we will target post title and post content, and ignore sidebar and comments. So here is the procedure...

Facebook Hack: Suggest any Fan Page to all your friends in a Single Click

Update: Facebook has removed this feature. The 'Suggest to Friends' link is now only shows up to the Page Administrators. Inviting others to join is the best way for promoting any Facebook...

How to set Vanity URL for Facebook Profile

Vanity URL is a customizable link which is short and easy to remember & share with others. Visit the link below and set vanity url for your facebook profile and same can be done for Facebook Fan Page which will turn out to be very useful in its promotion and also in SEO.

How to get a Gravatar

Gravatar is globally recognized avatar. It is an image that is connected to your email which is shown when you use the particular email address wherever gravatar is enabled i.e. when you comment on a blog or when you post on a blog or forums. Gravatars act as a global identity mark.