How to get updates from more than 250 friends on facebook

If you have hundreds of friends on Facebook, don't be in an illusion that you receive updates from all your friends. Facebook in its new release has set a limit on live feeds, you will only receive updates of 250 friends which they select, after which all the updates are blocked.
facebook friendship page

Facebook: How to Save your Privacy from Friendship Page

Facebook recently launched Friendship Pages. You can now get to explore what is common between two Facebook users. Friendship Page tell about mutual friends, common likes, the individual posts and comments made by each other on...

Facebook Hack: Suggest any Fan Page to all your friends in a Single Click

Update: Facebook has removed this feature. The 'Suggest to Friends' link is now only shows up to the Page Administrators. Inviting others to join is the best way for promoting any Facebook...
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WP-Snippets: Get Quick WordPress Code Snippets

WP-Snippets is a website dedicated to provide Small WordPress Code Snippets. It's a newly formed website with a good collection of WordPress code snippets. It is inspired by WP Recipes, CSS-Tricks and Iconfinder. The code snippets...

OLX India – Free Online Classifieds in India

Internet is a large system of information sharing, but if seen from other side, it's also a huge market place for selling and buying. As lot of people use internet everyday,...

Add a New Default Avatar to WordPress [How to]

Image Credits: brtsergio/ Flickr. When a reader comments on your blog, a small image is displayed next to his/her name. It's either a local Avatar or a Global Avatar (Gravatar). If you are...
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Stop Google From Recording Your Web Activity [How To]

Google records all web activity of its users to know their interests and likings in order to provide them with more personalized experience on Google or we can say provide personalized...
biggest pac-man

Play the Worlds Biggest Pac-Man Game

World's biggest Pac-Man is an online game which has an incredibly bigger maze size. Its created to let the people test the capabilities of Internet Explorer 9. Internet explorer's latest version offers its users...
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Convert Newer Microsoft Office 2007+ File Formats to Older Office 2003 File Formats

Older Versions of Microsoft Office Applications, Office 2003 and lower version, do not support the newer office 2007+ file formats (.docx, .pptx, .xlns). Newer versions of MS Office Apps do provide...