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How to Stop Getting Candy Crush Requests on Facebook


Candy crush is no doubt is one of the most popular mobile game today. But its sending request to facebook friends feature has irritated many. Getting myself irritated about it […]

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What to Do if Your Email Gets Hacked: 5 Steps

email hacked

Even when you take precautions that keep your email password safe, some hacker could get into your account. If your email gets hacked, follow these 5 steps to protect yourself […]

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Quickly Share your DropBox files with Others on the Web


Dropbox introduced a new feature “Links” which allow users to share their dropbox files with others. Not only files in public folder but you can now share any file you […]

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The Best Way to Search for People on the Web


You can search for people on Social sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. These sites have large number of users and every person using the internet very likely uses at-least one of these […]

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New to Windows 8? Check Out These Excellent Video Tutorials to Get Started


Windows 8 is different from previous versions and it does involve a little learning curve (for example, the Start Screen replaces the Start button.) And there’s the new Windows 8 […]

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How to Find Name and Location of Unknown Callers


If you are getting too many unnecessary calls you can now avoid them by using True Caller. It’s a free service which shows you details about the unknown incoming calls. […]

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Simple Way to Backup all your Youtube Channel Videos


Google Takeout is a tool that lets you quickly and easily download data that you created in a number of Google products. And one of such supported product is YouTube. […]

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Simple Tool to Convert Text to Speech


This tool lets you convert your text into speech. It uses the Google’s text to speech API. The tool is quick and easy to use. Just open the website. Enter some […]

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Get WordPress Update Notifications on your Email

update notifications wordpress

WordPress update notifications are important and should be applied as soon as they are released by the company. More importantly because they fix out security flaws which may led to […]