Monday, September 24, 2018
Internet Medical Assistance

4 Unconvential Ways Technology Is Improving Healthcare

The effects that evolving technology has on important things, like healthcare, can be both obvious and unconventional. The improvements to video technology make it easier for doctors to use cameras that...

Online Ads – The Pros and Cons Explained!

Online advertisements have literally taken the internet by storm due to its user friendliness and ease of access; not only have they made life a whole lot simpler for people all...

What Makes Netbooks A Smart Choice for the Practical Consumer

With the recent technological advancement of laptops and the emergence of tablets, it could be argued that netbooks have taken a back seat. However, they still remain ideal and extremely practical...

PPHelper – How to Use

PPHelper is an incredibly popular jailbreak tool brought to us by Pangu and PP Assistant jailbreak teams. Unfortunately, only those with 64-bit devices can use PPHelper and, because it is a...

Does the Printer have any Place in the Office of the Future?

Since the early 1940s, when the notion of what an 'office space' actually looked like became somewhat standardised (thanks in part to the mass production of office supplies), many great minds...

Keeping Your Information Safe in 2013

It's becoming a scary world. Hackers, identity thieves, and cyber terrorists lurk waiting to steal your passwords, jack your identity, and generally muck up your world. However, along with all the...

Making Search Methods Easy for Mobile Users on-the-Go

Everyone is always on the go. Teens are always here and there, parents are at work or busy at home and students are always awake. But most of us still find...

5 Times You Should Stop Listening to Your GPS

Almost everyone has a GPS these days. They have largely replaced maps and make it easier to get from point A to point B—unless they instruct you to drive from point...

Ways LinkedIn Helps the Job Search

One of the best ways to avoid being unemployed for months while you are looking and searching for a new job is to build a network of connections who are keenly...

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