protecting files and foldersProtecting of private files becomes a necessity when the Computer is shared by more than one person. And I am sure that everyone has some or the other data which they want to keep private. In this tutorial I will show you how you can protect your private files with an easy trick without using any software. The trick is by Noor SyRoN, using which you can Hide your private files/folders and make them unaccessible, so no one can even delete, copy or rename the files.

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Steps to make your Private Files Protected:

1. Create a New Folder, give it any name for ex ‘data‘.
2. Create another folder inside it and name it ‘x‘[lower case] and collect all your important files/folders which you want to hide in the folder ‘x‘.
3. Open Notepad. And paste the following code:

@echo off
if exist openx.txt GOTO OK
cacls x /E /C /P "BUILTIN\Users":F
attrib x -s -r -h
DEL openx.txt
attrib x +s +r +h
cacls x /E /C /P "BUILTIN\Users":N

4. Save the file in the ‘data‘ folder as ‘x.bat‘ and change the ‘Save as type’ to ‘All Files’. Or you can directly download the file.

How to Hide/Protect?

Just Double click on ‘x.bat‘. The folder ‘x‘ will disappear and will not be accessible anymore.

How to UnHide/UnProtect?

1. Create a new file in ‘data‘ folder, name it ‘openx.txt‘ [This is your password, replace the ‘openx.txt‘ in the ‘x.bat‘ with any string, then name the new file with exactly the string you entered in ‘x.bat‘ file.]

2. Double click on the ‘x.bat‘ file to execute it again. It will now unlock the folder ‘x‘ and delete the newly created password file.

If it does not work, check the name of the password file properly it should be the exactly same as the string you replaced ‘openx.txt‘ with, in the ‘x.bat‘ file.

You can repeat the above steps next time you want to hide anything again.

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