Money BagGoogle Adsense is the best Website monitization program on the internet. It provides with the best Ads which attracts visitors to click on them hence it provides best CTR (Click Through Rate). The only requisite to earn a handsome money with Adsense is Traffic. High Traffic website can earn an awesome amount of money with Adsense.

But proper placement and customization of Adsense Ads according to the website is equally important to get most out of it. Below are few tips for efficiently managing Adsense Ads in any WordPress Website/Blog.

  1. Implement Google Adsense Section Targeting in your WordPress Blog
  2. How to Manually Insert Adsense Ads Inside Post Content in WordPress
  3. How not to Display Ads to the Logged-in-User [WordPress]
  4. Display Adsense Ads only on Posts older than 3 days [How To]
  5. Manually Implement Google Adsense Revenue Sharing in your WordPress Blog

Some more tips:

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If you want more tips on Adsense or have any queries, feel free to comment.
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