Emails have become really important in this information age. It is necessary for corporates and some individuals to always be connected with their email inbox, but what if you do not have your computer with you, you can easily check emails via your phone, but what if you do not have internet connection on your phone, how will you be get updated about your important emails? There are various ways by which you can get email notifications on your phone via SMS without GPRS. The various services are:


Gooseberry delivers emails to your phone SMS inbox in real-time. It applies a compression algorithm to clear all the unnecessary text and send you only the important information. You can specify keywords to receive only important emails. You can even reply to your emails via SMS. This is a premium service they offer different plans for individuals and corporates checkout their pricing page.

goose berry email alerts via sms


The main advantage with Mobee is that you did not need to share your email account username and password. To receive email notifications you will have to set up auto forwarding in the respective email account to your mobee account.

Mobee also allows to send attachments via the SMS email – you need to upload attachment on mobee’s account, assign a 2-digit number to that and REPLY- to will do the trick.

Mobee has a free plan with a limitation of 10 SMS a day.

mobee email alerts via sms


This is a totally free service. Create an email account at Way2Sms and setup auto forwarding in the respective email account to your Way2Sms email id. The service is free but you will have to login to the Way2Sms within every 14 days otherwise the SMS alerts will be deactivated.