Khan Academy is an assortment of a large number of video tutorials. The subjects include Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and also some videos related to money and finance! They are easy to understand and are explained with the help of an electronic board. Each topic is explained in a comprehensive manner. The academy is run by Salman Khan, a Harvard University pass out and was working with a hedge fund. But after leaving his job he took up this project and is now doing it full-time.

Salman is doing excellent job through his tutorial videos. The commendable part being that he does it without any profit motive. Initially, He had started making YouTube videos for his young cousins who were facing troubles understanding some concepts of Math, Chemistry etc. He kept on making the videos widening his target his audiences and it now consists of more than 1600 video tutorials!

Salman Khan Video Tutorials Academy

Due to his praiseworthy initiative, he is in good books of Bill Gates, who called on a cheer from the crowd for Salman during one of his speeches! Bill Gates has been recommending the video tutorials to his own kids!

Khan Academy Website.

Nobody can help becoming a Salman Khan fan! Aren’t you one now?